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Wednesday, May 01 2019

Love the Body


         The roles have reversed.  In younger years, I told my body what to do and, generally, it complied.  Now, my 73-year-old body gives most of the orders, and I do the complying. 


         It’s my job to listen to the body – respectfully attending to its needs and requirements.  It’s been quietly taking care of me since before I was born.  Now it’s my turn to care for it.


         My body used to be more forgiving.  Now it’s more assertive.    It quickly lets me know when I overdo it or feed it badly or deny it the rest it needs.  It squawks when I slack off my stretching and exercise routines or neglect meditation and QiGong practices.


         Historically, when the body spoke to me in the language of pain and discomfort, I tended to react with irritation – essentially telling the body to stop complaining – unaware that I was sending messages of rejection and creating mistrust.


         Now I say: “thanks for telling me.”  I do my best to send compassion and love to whatever hurts inside me – sometimes using imagery, more often using the breath.  I inhale healing love into the painful place.  Exhaling, I release tension and unneeded energy.  


         When I’ve been cranky with my body - or critical or neglectful or disregarding - I apologize.  I do my best to repair any damage I do to this important relationship.


         We are in constant dialog with the body.  It speaks to us in so many ways.  And, with the choices we make and the tones we take, we speak volumes about our care – or lack thereof.


         The message matters.  Choose mindfully.  Love the body.

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