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Saturday, March 02 2019

Silence of Now



         In my personal cosmology, the origin of all is Emptiness – a creative, intelligent, loving Silence I call God.  Everything and everyone is an expression of this Silence.  It permeates all being.


         Another word for Silence is Presence.  The spiritual practice of being present – right here, right now, in this moment - opens and lubricates a doorway to Presence, to the immense Silence of God within. 


         I am enjoying Journey into Now, a book by Leonard Jacobson.  Here’s a passage I find deeply resonant:



“When you become fully present, thoughts stop and your mind is silent.  You are not trying to stop the thoughts.  It simply happens as you become present.


“But there is an even deeper level of peace and silence waiting to emerge.  As your mind becomes silent, an inner door is opened, allowing an infinite and eternal silence to emerge from the core of your Being.


“This infinite and eternal silence is the very essence of your Being.  It is your true nature.  It is the essence of all existence.  It is the eternal silent presence of pure consciousness.  It is the I AM of you.


“It is that dimension of you that exists in this moment and only this moment.  It is that dimension of you that exists in the Oneness.  It is your Buddha nature.  It is the Christ of you, which exists in Oneness with God.”  (Kindle location 197-201)



         The Kingdom of God is truly within.  We don’t have to die to get there – just practice softening to the silence of now. 





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