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Sunday, April 12 2015

God Consciousness


       This mystery story, in its latest form, came to me during a series of meditations around the Easter season.  I share it with hesitation and humility.  On the one hand, it feels a bit blasphemous.  On the other hand, it’s not a new story.  It’s been told off and on – and is remarkably similar to the message someone got crucified for sharing nearly 2000 years ago. 



       In the beginning, there was no thing.  Only sacred emptiness, a profound, fertile, eternal, intelligent, creative silence – God.


       Suddenly, the Silence expressed itself in an amazing blossoming of love – hot love, intense love, sublime love, messy love – unbelievably creative and destructive.  Were there anyone to observe it, the blossoming would have seemed totally chaotic.  We now know it to be an expression with an underlying order and intelligence.


       In this story, the first expression of God is love. The next expression, as blossoming cooled, is light.  With ever more cooling comes density.  The material world forms.  It, too, is spoken.  Every star, planet, mountain, sea, rock, tree, insect, turtle, fish, bird, mammal, and human is a word in the vocabulary of God. 


       Everything – love, light, matter – is an expression of God.  Every interaction is an interaction with God.  When we hold a rock, behold a sunset, touch a leaf, break bread, sip wine, caress a lover or laugh with a child, we are communing with God. 


       Human consciousness allows us to re-trace the movements of divine expression, to move closer to Source.  We all are familiar with the density of the material world, including the density of the human personality, which can be quite goofy.  We all know about living there. 


       Many of us are learning how to spiritually soften, to raise our vibrations.  We remember that we are also light.  As we continue to lighten – enlighten, perhaps – we remember that we are love.


       And, sometimes, sojourning into silence, we enter the deepest mystery of God consciousness, the wordless apprehension that, along with everything else we are – goofiness, density, light, love – we are God.  All is God.


      Imagine the impact on this planet if we brought God consciousness to all our relationships – with each other, with plants and animals, and with earth herself. 


       Imagine the peace.  Imagine the reverence.  Imagine the joy.

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 "James has a very welcoming presence and an easy going demeanor in addition to an excellent sense of humor . We are all free to be our own goofy selves."

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