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Sunday, February 01 2015

      I’m so often struck by life’s generous and wise synchronicity – how often just the right thing appears at just the right time.  Yesterday, I opened The Endless Practice, by Mark Nepo, to the following passage.  Perhaps, it will touch you, as it did me.



Emerging, Again


       "Short of being killed we always emerge from difficulty in a stronger if rearranged form.  And waking as human beings, where the human is finite and the being is infinite, there’s always more spirit in us than one life can carry.  By our very nature, each of us is challenged to grow out of one self into another….


       "We blossom and outgrow selves the way butterflies emerge from cocoons.  Mysteriously, saying yes is one of the ways we begin to emerge.  Saying yes is how the infinite spirit we’re born with keeps moving through us into the world, redefining us each time it emerges….


       "Meeting the transformations that hardships hold is a deep form of saying yes that makes every soul on Earth blossom….


       "It takes inner fortitude to stand firmly in what we’re given, no matter where it leads.  That we can stand at all in the face of pain and fear is nothing short of anonymous magnificence.  So never diminish or underestimate your worth or connection to the nature of things, because stress or pain blocks your sureness.  An archer’s bow is always stretched before it releases its arrow, as the arc of a soul is always stretched before releasing its wisdom."


Mark Nepo, The Endless Practice, pp. 61-62

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