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Sunday, January 25 2015

Killjoy Thoughts


       I’m amazed again and again at how easily and automatically I abandon the enjoyment of life in the moment, thanks mainly to well-practiced, ruminative, anxious, self-judging, combative inner pathways – old habits of negative thinking – and hours spent wrestling with the inner judge, conjuring fearful “what ifs”, having imaginary conversations to deal with imagined scenarios.  What a deadening energy drain.


       Neuroscientists say we are wired with an automatic tendency to focus on what’s negative.  There was a time, during our dangerous past as a species, when this negative perceptual bias was adaptive.  It kept us alert to the possibility of a tiger lurking in the bush – and, therefore, more likely to survive.  However, it also made us more likely to miss the luscious piece of fruit hanging nearby. 


       This negative bias is not so adaptive now.  It’s time re-train the brain – to disengage from killjoy thoughts, to consciously cultivate a joyful presence in the moment, to see the beauty around us and feast on the luscious fruit of right now.



Author’s note:  I know it’s been a while since I last posted.  Other priorities, of late, have claimed the lion’s share of my time and energy and may continue to do so for a couple months.  During that time, postings may be irregular.  I remain committed to our conversation and will write when I can.  Blessings!!  



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