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Sunday, February 24 2013


Graceful Release


       The Sedona Method, taught by Hale Dwoskin, asserts that letting go of pesky patterns of thinking and emotional reactivity can be as natural and effortless as releasing your grip on a pen and dropping it to the floor. 


       After just a few days of practice with myself and others, I've found it to be an elegant and effective way to heal by communicating directly with the deeper self.  You by-pass ego, which relies on analysis, judgment and rumination, as it struggles to eliminate the very pain it causes.


       The method involves a simple process of inquiry that I've adapted somewhat for my own use – and, perhaps, yours.  Here are some instructions.


       First, invite the pattern of thinking and emotional reactivity into conscious awareness.  Then gently, very gently, ask the following three questions – fully accepting whatever answer arrives.


       1.  Can I let go of this or do I have to hang on to it?


       2.  Am I willing to release this or do I prefer to carry it?


       3.  When will I let go – now or later?



       Moving meditatively through the sequence – inquiring, listening, allowing – and repeating the sequence as often as you'd like can noticeably lighten your load.  Release may happen quickly, in one sitting, or gradually, over time, with patient and persistent practice.


       Maybe it doesn't have to be such a struggle to get free.



       I'll be off-grid for a while and will post again in mid-March.   Meanwhile … May you be happy.  May you be healthy.  May you freely enjoy the graceful lightness of being.

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