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Wednesday, October 05 2011

Master Jesus


       In last week's posting, I mentioned a brief autobiography I recently wrote in preparation for a mentoring program with Richard Moss.  With just a tad of trepidation, I'd like to share a passage from that writing, a story revealed only to a few folks so far.



       I spent a number of years, studying with Master Chunyi Lin, moving through the four levels of Spring Forest QiGong, a marvelous approach to healing he developed.  In contrast to yoga, which I've tried and failed at a number of times, QiGong quickly resonated with me – as did Master Lin, who teaches that underneath all the techniques he offers, what really heals is Love.  Kindness, forgiveness, and unconditional love are at the heart of his approach.


       One thing that did not resonate at first was his recommendation that we call upon a master to assist us in doing healings.  He'd mention Jesus or Buddha or Lao Tzu as examples.  I had pulled away from Jesus some time ago, and the idea of a master seemed too hierarchical to me, so I didn't pay much attention.   In the level-three retreat, during a two-hour meditation, he came to each person to do a healing.  I was having a great meditation when I felt his touch on my cheek.  Instantly, right in front of my face, appeared the face of Jesus.  I knew immediately: There's my master.  That's whom I call upon now, when I'm doing a healing or just need some guidance. 


       A year or two later, I was doing a two-hour meditation with a growth group I facilitate.  About halfway through, I silently asked to see the face of Jesus.  Instantly, just like before, an image appeared.  This time, to my amazement, it was my face – my laughing, joyful face.  And, immediately, I realized:  Each of us is Jesus.  I'm not talking here about the historical Jesus, but about a spiritual essence, oneness with God, at the core of our being.



        Reminds me of my favorite quote from Richard:  "We are, already, that which we seek." 







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