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Friday, July 01 2011


Drama Remedy


       I love being an introvert.  While I'm friendly and sociable on the outside, the interior is my true home.  I'm regenerated by quiet times in the wilds of Mother Nature and by adventures in the wilderness within.  There's richness in that inner life, creativity in the quiet – ideas, speculations, stories, things to be written and shared.


       However, there is a downside: drama.  While imaginary conversations and creative inner realities can be entertaining – like going to the movies or reading a novel – more often than not, they create suffering.  I get caught up in stories of judgment and woe, painting dark and dangerous inner landscapes.  When I go unconscious with drama, what's true out there often gets distorted by "realities" in here.  I know extraverts also have challenges with inner drama, but, as an introvert, I feel particularly vulnerable in this area.  (That may be a story, as well, but for now I'm sticking to it.)


       The other day during a drama-laden meditation, a suggestion came my way:  Breathe light into the belly and exhale drama out through the third eye (at the center of the forehead).  I imagined butterflies flitting out my forehead into the universe.  (Bats might work as well.)  As the drama cleared, like water from rusty pipes, I experimented with inhaling light as before and exhaling love – first through the forehead and then through the heart.  At some point, I slipped into quiet spaciousness. 


       A couple days later, another suggestion arrived:  Observe the drama.  It points us toward our wounds and, if we're mindful, toward healing.


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