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Wednesday, June 22 2011

A Healing Story



       A physician friend of mine, one of the most heroic people I've ever known, wrote in response to last week's wisdom.  I was touched and thought you might be too.  



     "Yes, isn't that it?! The Lakota traditional healer, Fools Crow, talked about being a 'hollow bone' for the spirits to work through - that healing comes from them, and we are just the conduit. 

     "Once, at a cancer retreat in a remote area, I developed one of the worst migraines of my life and laid there flattened in the lower level, when a lady kept sitting by me doing her knitting.  I remember being annoyed by her presence.  After a while, she quietly asked if I would like to be rid of my headache (!) and when I assented (another requirement), she touched my head and said, 'You think this is where your headache is coming from - your head - but it's really down here (base of my neck).'  She fluffed her hands around lightly in my hair and I thought 'no way is this going to do anything!'

     "Suddenly, boom, the headache was completely gone. She told me she had been in CD treatment and everybody had their meds taken away and they were all sick with headaches and one lady asked her to rub her neck and suddenly the lady's headache was gone and that's when she realized she had this gift. She said it is only for headaches and doesn't know why she has it, but attributes it to powers outside her. She went on to heal them all as they lined up in front of her... I walked upstairs and tried to tell everyone what just happened and they didn't 'get' it. I was just stunned. Ever since then I really believe in those things.  A few weeks after this, she died of metastatic breast cancer."



       Healing abounds.  Its miracle occurs daily in our lives – usually in small ways we hardly notice.  Sometimes, we heal dramatically – as in this story and many others.  Healing often includes a physical cure, but not always. 


       Notice its happening.  Notice, it's happening!




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