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Sunday, March 20 2011



A Cosmos Story


       In dealing with mysteries like the nature of the universe, most spiritual traditions resort to story, which is my favorite way to speak about that which can't be defined.  In group Thursday night, we played with cosmological stories.  Here's one I like.  As with all big stories, it is, at best, a partial truth.



       Once there was no time, no space, no thing – only Sacred Silence, an intelligent, fertile, creative emptiness.  Suddenly, from this deep quiet, there emerged an explosion of LOVE.  This explosion marked the beginning of time and space and led to the creation of matter and all things. 


       In this story, LOVE is the first expression of Sacred Silence.  Everything in the universe is an expression and manifestation of LOVE.  And the intelligence of Sacred Silence permeates it all.


       Eventually, humans arrived on the scene – bringing curiosity, the capacity for awe and an inclination to wonder.  We humans yearn for the unseen within the seen.  Restless at heart, we search – hungry to know the LOVE we express.


       We create meaning and share stories.  We melt into quiet and remember.

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