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Monday, May 17 2010




Nice Mirror


     The energy system in my house is out of balance.  If I turn on a hair dryer in the upstairs bathroom, the lights in the room surge brighter.  When I switch on a hair dryer in the downstairs bathroom, lights dim. 


       This out of balance condition affects the electrical flow throughout the house.  The microwave groans at half speed, the toaster (now a "warmer") barely heats up, the washing machine balks completely.  Fortunately, the computer still works.  Thus, this message.


       Three visits from the power company and a local electrician leave the mystery unresolved.  I am, however, getting an education.  Apparently, there are two, 120-volt hot wires coming into the house (each energizing half the house) and one neutral wire that grounds the circuits and balances energy flow.  The best guess: a problem with grounding.


        Without proper grounding, there's no flow of energy, no balance.  Nothing works right.  I think my house is trying to tell me something.


        Nice mirror.

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