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 Photo By Kirk Lamb

  We are so loved - so completely accepted, so deeply
   cherished, so intimately connected.
  We are beings of 
    Love - yet, living with the experience of separation, we
     humans so often forget our true nature.

        As the journey unfolds, life invites us, moment by
       moment, to soften to the omnipresence of Love
        to be gentle with ourselves, each other and the
         goofiness of the human condition, to release old stories
           of fear and unworthiness, to open to abundance,
             to connect with Spaciousness, and to remember,
               once again, who we truly are.

                  Softening to Love is an approach to healing
                     and transformation that integrates 
                       psychology, spirituality and the art
                         of relationship. 
Browse these sections for
                            more opportunities to learn, enjoy, and
                              soften to love.

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"A master of meditation --- a thoughtful guide to the mysteries of the Universe --- a supportive teacher for those who wish to walk a path of Light."

"James Bryer is a rare and inspired teacher who operates with great heart, humor, and integrity. He teaches with words of wisdom, but it is his very presence that conveys the most powerful message."
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